Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon Digital Pioneer: MIT-Princeton Industry Expert: R&D Impact Among Nobel Laureates
Dr Yogesh Malhotra Silicon Valley Wall Street Pentagon Digital Pioneer MIT Princeton Industry Expert

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MIT-Princeton-Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon-Global Digital CEO-CIO-CTO-CFO-CRO-CxO Practices Pioneer
AI-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Industry Expert: Global R&D Impact Among AI-Quant-Finance Nobel Laureates

AFRL Commercialization Academy MIT Computer Science & AI Lab  Princeton University  Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Asset Management


CIO Magazine

“The new business model of the Information Age, however, is marked by fundamental, not incremental, change. Businesses can't plan long-term; instead, they must shift to a more flexible anticipation-of-surprise model.”
- CIO Magazine Interview
: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra,
Founder, AIMLExchange™, BRINT FutureOfFinance™, C4I-Cyber™.
Worldwide Impact on Global Digital Transformation Practices.


Inc. Magazine

“Obsolete what you know before others obsolete it and profit by creating the challenges and opportunities others haven't even thought about...”
- Inc. Magazine Interview: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra,
Founder, AIMLExchange™, BRINT FutureOfFinance™, C4I-Cyber™.
Worldwide Impact on Global Digital Transformation Practices.

Fortune Magazine
“Yogesh Malhotra says his vision is to fill the gaps between business and technology, data and knowledge, and, theory and practice...”

- Fortune Magazine Interview:
Dr. Yogesh Malhotra,
Founder, AIMLExchange™, BRINT FutureOfFinance™, C4I-Cyber™.
Worldwide Impact on Global Digital Transformation Practices.


The Wall Street Journal

“Knowledge Management refers to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival and competence against discontinuous environmental change. Essentially it embodies organizational processes that seek synergistic combination of data and information processing capacity of information technologies, and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings.”
- The Wall Street Journal Interview
: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra,
Founder, AIMLExchange™, BRINT FutureOfFinance™, C4I-Cyber™.
Worldwide Impact on Global Digital Transformation Practices.



Institute For Supply Management

“The synergy of 'smart minds' and 'smart technologies' provides a basis for defining agile and adaptable supply chain networks that can withstand the challenges of a radically changing business environment.”
- Institute for Supply Management Interview
: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra,
Founder, AIMLExchange™, BRINT FutureOfFinance™, C4I-Cyber™.
Worldwide Impact on Global Digital Transformation Practices.


Artificial Intelligence: ML-DL-NLP-RPA - Cyber-Crypto Computing - Quant-Quantum-Risk Computing - Digital Transformation



Dr. Yogesh Malhotra
Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon-Global Digital Pioneer:
MIT-Princeton AI-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum-Risk Industry Expert:

R&D Impact Among AI-FinTech-Quant Finance Nobel Laureates:
Global Top CEO-CxO Networks-Teams Leader:
Founding Chairman & CEO, Global Risk Management Network LLC, NY.

MIT AI Faculty SME: AI-Machine Learning-DL-NLP-RPA-Robots
Princeton Quant Finance-Trading FinTech-Crypto SME: AI-Cyber-Quantum-Computing
Computerworld Top Digital Site, Top-3 Search Engine, Top-10 Social Network
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, IBM, Intel, Wall Street Hedge Funds $Trillion AUM
• Global Big-3 IT, Big-3 Banking-Finance, UN-USA-World Governments-Cabinets
ACM-IEEE-NSF Computer Scientist: Cyber Security, FinTech, NIH, SBIR/STTR
CFA-PRMIA-NAIC-NYS AI-Cyber-Risk Expert: Quant Finance-Network Security Engineering

Global Digital Transformation Pioneer Interviews: CIO, Fortune, Inc., Wall Street Journal
Global Digital CEO-CxO Networks, Practices, Technologies, Teams, Ventures Leader
- AI-ML-DL, Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum, Block Chain-Cloud
CEO-CxO Leader: Global Top F500: Accenture, E&Y, McKinsey, Microsoft, PwC, US-DoD
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wall Street Hedge Funds $Trillion AUM, Google, IBM, Intel
CEO-CIO-CTO-CISO, CEO Networks Leader : Global Risk Management Network LLC
- CEO, World's Largest Digital Transformation Network: Millions of Users: 130K Members
- Recommended by Harvard MBA, Bill Gates-Microsoft, US DoD-CIOs
CEO, USAF-AFRL Ventures: Joint Force ABMS-JADC2: Air-Space-Cyber-Crypto-EMS
- AIMLExchange™, C4I-Cyber™, VC-PE
Chief Data Scientist, Chief Scientist-AFWERX PI: USAF-Pentagon CTO Teams
- DoD AI-ML Enablement: USAF Secretary-JAIC CTO
CEO Road Shows: Asia, Australia: Ethereum Block Chain-Cloud Pioneer CxO Team
MD: $Billion AI-Machine Learning Center, Retained by GIBC Digital CEO
MDs-Quants Leader: JP Morgan Global Head of Analytics & US Head of Portfolio Management
CISO Role: New York State IT-Networks Administration
CIO Digital Transformation: UPMC-Pitt PhD PI: Structural Equation Models
CIO Strategy-Software Teams Leader: Big-3 IT-Banks: USA, Hong Kong, India
CISSP, CISA, CEH, CEng, CCP-CDP, CPA (Education); CompTIA Security+ Network Security Faculty, IBM Quantum Computing Excellence: Qiskit, Python, SAS, MATLAB, C++, SAP Institute-Supply Chain Management ERP/CRM Faculty, Kauffman Foundation-Entrepreneurship Faculty.

AI-Quantum R&D Impact among AI-Finance Nobel Laureates: Black-Scholes
Post-Doc MIT-Princeton SME: AI-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum-Risk Computing
- SSRN 84 Top-10 R&D Rankings: Top 1% Authors Algorithms-Controls-Models
Executive Education Faculty: Carnegie Mellon, Kellogg
STEM Computer Science-Network Security-Advanced Analytics
IT-OR-Decision Sciences-Financial Optimization-MBA Faculty

• Executive Education:
- Kellogg School of Management: PRMIA Quantitative Finance
- University of California, Berkeley: Financial Engineering

Beta Gamma Sigma & Phi Kappa Phi National Honors: PhD & Masters:
Top 10 Quant-IT-Controls PhD: Quantum Uncertainty AI-ML-KM-HCI
- Full Scholarship & Doctoral Fellowship with Top-10 MIS Founder
5 Masters
Engineering: MS Computer Science, MS Network & Computer Security***
Quantitative: MS Quantitative Finance, MS Accountancy*+, MBA Econometrics*

*First Rank, +4.0/4.0 GPA, **SUNY Outstanding Student Award



Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon Digital Pioneer MIT-Princeton Industry Expert Dr. Yogesh Malhotra is the Founding Chairman & CEO of the New York, USA, based global venture capital and private equity firm Global Risk Management Network, LLC, the worldwide pioneer in AI-ML-DL-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum-Risk-Computing Practices. As CEO, CIO, CTO, and CISO of global Digital ventures with global clients-patrons such as Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and, Ogilvy, institutions such as Harvard and MIT, and, ACM, NSF, UN, U.S. and world governments, Dr. Yogesh Malhotra is an industry pioneer in Human-Centered and Meaning-Driven Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Uncertainty Time-Space Complexity practices. As Industry Expert and CEOs-CxOs Leader for MIT Computer Science & AI Lab, he recently led 200 Management & Leadership executives from firms such as Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and, Silicon Valley firms to develop, deploy, and, implement AI, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategy road maps. As Industry Expert for the Princeton Quant Trading & Finance and Crypto-FinTech Conferences sponsored by firms such as Goldman Sachs and Citadel, his recent presentations advanced Cyber-Crypto resilience practices for AI-ML-DL-GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) and Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography.

Over recent years, as founder of USAF-AFRL (Air Force Research Lab: Information Directorate) Commercialization Academy ventures AIMLExchange™ and C4I-Cyber™, at the request of Pentagon USAF C4I-ISR CTO and U.S. DoD CIO senior advisor, he has served on CEO-CxO teams as Chief Data Scientist and Chief Scientist (AFWERX PI and Advanced Science Leader) enabling DoD-wide AI-ML enablement for the Secretary of the United States Air Force (USAF) and Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) CTO, and, a global inter-agency COVID rapid response network respectively. Saving 90% Time and Cost enabling global hi-tech CEO-CxO teams in building sustainable and resilient AI-ML-DL-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Ventures, these ventures pioneered the global industry practices of Real Time Enterprise (RTE) Artificial Intelligence (AI) eAgility, Quantum Uncertainty and Time-Space Complexity for the United States Air Force (USAF) , United States Space Force (USSF), and, DoD Joint Chiefs of Staff leading US DoD Practices. As pioneer of ABMS2-JADAC2-JADCAC2, a Faster-Better-Cheaper Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) with Joint All Domain Adversarial Command & Control (JADC2), the world's top retained Executive search firm, Korn Ferry, interviewed him for USAF Chief Scientist, Pentagon role, the top Science role for USAF-USSF as the advisor to the USAF Chief Secretary and the Chiefs of Staff of the USAF and the USSF.

Before that, he was retained as full-time global AI-Machine Learning Managing Director on the senior leadership team by the Cornell MBA/JD CEO from the world's largest hedge fund to head a $1 Billion Global AI-ML Center of Innovation Excellence. Over above time span, as member of the CEO-CxO team, he also represented the CEO of a global Block Chain Cloud Computing pioneer on investment road shows across Asia and Australia while leading and guiding the CEO, COO, and, CTO team on AI-ML-Cyber-Crypto Tech Architecture Global Platform Development and Global Competitive Strategy. Prior to that as Cybersecurity expert for State of New York, he led Zero Trust Architectures execution for the Top Digital Government Administration in CISO role. Before that in Chief Research Scientist, Project Manager, and, Team Leader roles he led Quant Risk Modeling for Wall Street Hedge Funds with $1 Trillion AUM while leading teams of Managing Directors, Portfolio Managers, and, Quants for the JP Morgan Global Head of Analytics Research and US Head of Portfolio Management.

His global CEO-CxO teams leaderships advance upon his prior leadership of global Digital Practices, Technologies, Teams, and, Ventures adopted-recommended by industry leaders such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Big-4 Consulting CxOs, and, U.S. Army, Navy, and, Air Force CIOs. Building upon 25-year leadership of CEO-CIO-CTO-CISO practices and teams, his recent Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Commercialization Academy ventures advance AI-ML-DL and Cyber-Crypto, Quant, and, Quantum practices enabling global Digital CEO-CxO teams to build next generation resilient Digital enterprises while saving 90% time and cost. His Automation and Optimization focus built upon leadership of AI-ML-DL and Knowledge Management practices is complemented by his solid Cybersecurity, Cryptography, & Quantitative Risk Management focus.

As Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon-Worldwide Digital Pioneer building and leading worldwide CEO-CxO Digital Transformation and Knowledge Economy practices since the coming of WWW, his advice is sought by Big-4 Consulting Founding Partners and CxOs, US Department of Defense (DoD) CEOs-CxOs, US and World-Governments, the United Nations, and the National Science Foundation. Microsoft founder Bill Gates recommended his digital ventures in his best-selling book and on his homepage while PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Vice-Chairman and CKO highlighted his ventures as the go-to resource in Fast Company magazine interview. Big-4 Consulting firm Andersen Consulting, now Accenture, Corporate Consulting Founding Partners sought his guidance to advance beyond their global Best Practices to global Knowledge Management Corporate Consulting focus. Intel Corporation sought his expertise to advance to Next-Generation e-Business Architectures while McKinsey Consulting Silicon Valley partners flew him to meet with them to advise them on Enterprise Knowledge Management with Intranets. The CEO of Philips Corporation, Netherlands, flew to visit him to seek guidance on Knowledge Management driven Customer Relationship Management Strategies while CxOs from Big-4 Consulting such as Ernst & Young have been members of his global teams of hundreds of PhD-industry experts publishing R&D leading global Digital Transformation and Knowledge Economy practices.

The US Federal Government sought his guidance as Council Partner for Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Best Practices and Knowledge Management Leadership for all of US Federal Agencies while the National Science Foundation (NSF) sought his expertise for guiding NSF National HQ Leadership as well as Computer Science and Cybersecurity expert on 32 NSF national SBIR/STTR expert panels allocating multi-million dollar funds for leading US Cyber-Computing and Cybersecurity innovations. United Nations World HQ sought his guidance as Quantitative Economist for leading worldwide national Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, and Social Capital strategies while the Harvard MBA program used his Digital BPR venture as a launch-pad for their global Business Process Excellence curriculum. His invited industry CEO-CxO keynotes have spanned Silicon Valley to Seoul with global digital reviews and interviews about his Digital ventures featured across premiere Business Technology media worldwide with worldwide organizations adopting his practices. His invited Conference Board keynotes include guiding the US Quality Council CxOs and Malcolm Baldrige Award Winning Corporate CxOs while his Institute for Supply Management global membership publication interview developed the global vision of next-generation Digital e-Agile Supply Chains.

The Government of Mexico sought his guidance for building G-8 e-Government at their annual Parliament and Cabinet Ministers event attended by the 13 National CIOs and 600 top national IT executives. The Government of Netherlands had their Parliament’s Cabinet Minister leading Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science visit with him to seek guidance on their National Digital Transformation. The Government of Switzerland sought his guidance for Swiss national Banking & Finance Digital FinTech Transformation enabled by Mathematics and Algorithms and led by ex-Goldman Sachs bankers. The South Korea national Vision Korea Campaign led by Maeil Business Newspaper and TV invited him for guidance on their national Digital and Knowledge Economy Transformation while guiding nationwide leaders from academia, industry, policy and practices. His 1990s keynote to Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and CEOs on Building Global Digital Enterprises for the “Wild Wild Web” at the TiE Global Silicon Valley annual conference was an early harbinger of Adversarial Uncertainty and Complexity characterizing today’s Global Adversarial Digital Environments on which his latest practices guide the Pentagon CEOs-CxOs.

His latest AI-ML-DL-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum industry expert papers and presentations such as for the Journal of Financial Transformation and Journal of Operational Risk, and, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society, and, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and Data Science innovations such as Model Risk Arbitrage™ build upon prior leadership of Wall Street Investment Banks and Hedge Funds with $1 Trillion AUM such as JP Morgan in Financial Risk Management, and, State of New York in Cyber Security and Network Security Risk Management.

Before founding the Digital Ventures pioneering global Digital Transformation spanning Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Pentagon, and Worldwide organizations with the coming of the World Wide Web, he led CIO Strategy and CIO Software Engineering Teams across USA, Hong Kong, and India for Global Big-3 Banking & Finance and Global Big-3 Information Technology firms building Global Financial Systems used by worldwide global Banking & Finance institutions. Before leading the Bank of America merger Global Financial Systems Development Teams in Las Vegas, NV, he led Forex Currency Trading Treasury Management Teams for the French Bank, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, earlier Banque Indo-Suez, as Algorithms Strategist-Lead in (British) Hong Kong. Prior to that he led Big-3 IT Global Financial Systems Development Teams at the Unisys Corporation Global Financial Systems Development Center in Atlanta, GA.

Before that, he led Global Financial Systems Development for the Big-3 IT Unisys Corporation's India division and India's largest Software Development Company with India's largest industrial group, the Tata Group, in Mumbai (SEEPZ) and New Delhi (NEPZ). His Big-3 IT Strategy Top Management Leadership Keynote of that pre-WWW era titled 'Advancing Beyond Mainframes to Unix & C Software Services for Global IT Market Dominance' was over a decade ahead of Big-3 IT's transition from Hardware to Linux-based Software. He started his Software Engineering career while holding the day job of Japan-India Technology Transfer and New Technology Development Process Engineering and Production Engineering Executive Engineer for the Japanese global Car Maker Suzuki Motor Corporation with its India division and India's largest Automotive Manufacturing company leading India's Quality Revolution as the fuel-efficient car industry leader, Suzuki Maruti.

He started to program in Algorithmic Language (ALGOL) on Mainframes in the Night Shift while earning industry certifications in UNIX, C and FORTRAN and then leading the Enterprise Finance & Accounting Team as Executive EDP/MIS. Prior to that, he was a Process Engineering & Industrial Engineering Engineer Trainee with Big-3 Automotive Ford Motor Company at its India division building agricultural tractors while earning Bachelor of Engineering with Distinction from the Elite "DCE", Delhi College of Engineering. DCE is the mother institution of IIT Delhi, where he would be later invited to serve on the global editorial advisory board of the inter-disciplinary journal Global Journal of e-Business and Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management (KM) is the global IT-AI discipline that he pioneered as the world's Top-3 ranked scholar-practitioner in KM ranked within two years of completing PhD among others such as his academic mentor Tom Davenport in a Drexel University worldwide survey of the ISWorld.

He is a Chartered Engineer and Life Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) since 1989 and holds the Top-3 US DoD Directive 8140 (DoDD 8140) IT Security Management & Auditing Certifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP (Since 2005): DoDD 8140 - CNDSP Manager; Certified Information Systems Auditor, CISA (Since 2007): DoDD 8140 - CNDSP Auditor, and, Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH (Since 2014): DoDD 8140 - CNDSP Auditor. As Professor of Computer Science and Network Security, he has also developed Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity program for the State of New York (SUNY) training Network Administrators in Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking as Security+ Network Security Certification instructor, himself being earlier the Top-Ranked Ethical Hacker of the State of New York institutional competitions.

As the world-leading Social-Computational-Financial Engineer-Economist-Scientist with 84 Top-10 SSRN research rankings for latest Computer Science-Computer & Telecom Network Systems Security Engineering-Quantitative Finance & Trading post-doctoral R&D papers and presentations on AI-ML-DL-Cyber-Crypto-Quant-Quantum technologies, his prior impact of Sociotechnical Human-Centered AI and Quantum Uncertainty research is ranked and recognized among Nobel laureates in Information Technology & Knowledge Management, and Finance & Capital Markets such as Herbert Simon and Black-Scholes, and, recognized by various awards, honors, research and teaching innovation grants and graduate and doctoral research scholarships and fellowships including CNet Networks Corporate Computing Award for most influential research, Top-Ranking for the AI-Expert Systems Journal Paper that pioneered the Disciplinary R&D and Practices in Human-Centered and Meaning-Driven Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, Academy of Management First Best Reviewer Award for Structural Equation Models of IT Innovation for Paper selected for the Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Technology & Innovation Management and Organizational Communications & Information Systems Divisions Doctoral Consortia fellowship, and, Association for Information Systems Doctoral Consortia fellowship. Having published scholarly research in top refereed research journals in IT, Computer Science, and Operations Research that is ranked for impact in both Business (AACSB) and Technology (ASIS&T) among Nobel Laureates, he has served on more than 50 U.S. and worldwide Editorial and Review Boards of world's top-ranked scientific research journals, conferences and proceedings such as published by ASIS&T, Academy of Management, ACM, IEEE, IBM, INFORMS, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Sage Publications, and Springer-Verlag.

Editorial reviews of his practices, technologies, teams, and, ventures as global industry benchmarks are featured worldwide by the world's premiere global business and technology media such as Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc., Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Computerworld, Information Week, CIO Magazine, etc.

His biographical profile has been selected for listing in the most prestigious global biographical references of world's top leaders and achievers for over 20 years by Marquis Who's Who® such as in Who's Who in America®, Who's Who in the World®, Who's Who in Finance & Industry®, and, Who's Who in Science & Engineering®.



"Venture capitalist Roger McNamee recently implored Silicon Valley to embrace human-driven social networks that empower rather than exploit users as the Next Big Thing. Having pioneered such networks, we were invited to guide Silicon Valley 20-years ago on building Digital enterprises for the Wild Wild Web*. Today, we are ready to again lead Silicon Valley to further advance human-driven technologies in collaboration with the US Air Force-Air Force Research Lab..."
- Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Founder, AIMLExchange™.

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Let's Together Build the Digital Future and Save the World in the Process™

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Global Corporations: Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Wells Fargo
Consulting Firms: Accenture, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Healthcare: WHO, US Health & Human Services, UK Dept. of Health, European HMA
World Governments: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, UK, USA
U.S. Defense: AFRL, Air Force, Army, CCRP, Comptroller, DISA, DoD, NASA, Navy
World Defense: Australia (Air Force), Canada (Defence R&D), UK (Ministry of Defence)
Universities: Harvard, INSEAD, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Wharton

Worldwide top leadership programs such as the Harvard MBA, world leaders such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Big-4 CxOs, and, CIOs of the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force, and, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Department of Defense including U.S. National Heads of C4 Systems and National Defense University have adopted, applied, and recommended our digital ventures transforming global digital practices.

Worldwide Business and IT Editorial Reviews & Interviews as global industrial benchmark such as in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Week, CIO, CIO Insight, Computerworld, Information Week, etc.



US Under Secretary of Defense     United States Army United States Navy  United States Air Force  Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) AIRCDRE  Government of UK, Ministry of Defence  Canadian Department of National Defence, Canada, Defence R&D Canada


Google  IBM  Intel  Microsoft  OgilvyOne
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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) AACSB International ACM IEEE AACSB International American Bar Association




"In his latest book, Knowledge Management and Virtual Organisations, KM luminary, Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, offers some cautionary advice. He exposes three myths often associated with KM solutions."
- Microsoft



"Knowledge Management and Business Model Innovation brings together the latest thinking on issues at the forefront of teaching innovation and professional imagination."
- M. Lynne Markus
, Professor and Department Chair of Electronic Business, City University of Hong Kong



AI-ML-DL-Quant-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum Computing R&D Leading Global IT Practices
Strategy to Execution: Banking & Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Defense & Space
Optimal Execution for Performance, Risk Management, Resiliency & Sustainability
AI-ML-DL-GANs, Cryptography, Network Security, Blockchain, Cloud Computing.

MIT-Princeton Industry Expert: AFRL-USAF-Pentagon Ventures: Silicon Valley-Wall Street, US & World Governments CEO-CIO-CTO-CFO Global Practices Leader: UN: NSF: Global Open Innovation VC-PE Network: New York-USA-Worldwide

2015-2021: 84 SSRN Top-10 Research Rankings: Top-1% SSRN Authors:
Algorithms, Models, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Network Security,
AI-ML-DL, Quant, Cyber, Crypto, Quantum Computing & Cryptography
Computer Science, Telecom, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Defense & Space

Recent Hi-Tech R&D Ventures, Industry Presentations and Expert Papers

*US Air Force: AFRL: C4I-Cyber™: Beyond AI & Quantum Supremacy: Command & Control Supremacy™
*US Air Force: AFRL: AIMLExchange™: Do Something Epic: Save the World™
*MIT Computer Science & AI Lab AI-Machine Learning Executive Guide: AI, ML, DL, NLP, RPA & Cognitive Automation.
*Princeton University Quant Trading & FinTech Crypto Conferences Presentations: Sponsors: Goldman Sachs, Citadel .

*2021 World-Leading R&D Leading Worldwide Digital Practices: AI-ML-DL-Cyber-Crypto-Quantum-Risk-Computing
*2021 Joint Chiefs Of Staff: Beyond ABMS JADC2 to Quantum Uncertainty and Time-Space Complexity
*2020 Joint Chiefs Of Staff: AI-Quantum Autonomy-Control in Space: Quantum PhD-Engineers Expert Panel Keynote
*2021 Silicon Valley-Wall Street-Pentagon Worldwide Digital Pioneer: Growing Digital Startups to Trillion Dollar Enterprises
*2020 Making Quantum Computing Real for JADC2 With Qiskit: Quantum Communication & Networking
*2020 Beyond Data Protection to Command and Control (C2) Sustainability: Execution of U.S. Data Protection Act
*2019 Innovation Community (UK) Podcast: Dr. Yogesh Malhotra: Future of AI-ML - Data Science, BlockChain
*2019 Journal of Financial Transformation: Alternative Capital Markets: AI-ML Augmentation & Cyber Risk Management.
*2019 New York State Cyber Security Conference: AI-ML-GANs-DeepFakes: Preempting Cyber Risk of Deep Fakes.
*2016 New York State Cyber Security Conference: Advancing Beyond Predictive to Anticipatory Risk Analytics.
*2018 CFA Society Keynote: JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs Practices Case Studies: Model Risk Management with Auto-ML.
*2018 AFCEA C4I Cyber Conference: Cybersecurity Risk & Uncertainty Management: AI-ML Risk Management Controls.
*2018 MIT Sloan-Computer Sc. & AI Lab AI-Machine Learning Executive Guide including RPA & Cognitive Automation
*2018 Princeton FinTech & Quant Conference: Invited Research Presentation: AI-Machine Learning-Deep Learning MRM.
*2016 Princeton Quant Trading Presentation: Beyond Model Risk Management to Model Risk Arbitrage for FinTech Era.
*2015 Princeton Quant Trading Presentation: Future of Finance Beyond 'Flash Boys': Managing Uncertainty.
*2018 Journal of Operational Risk, March: Toward 'Cyber-Finance’ Cyber Risk Management Frameworks of Practice.
*2017 National Association of Insurance Commissioners Expert Paper, Cyber Risk Insurance beyond VaR Models.
*2017 IUP Journal of Computer Sciences, April, Quantitative Modeling of Trust and Trust Management Protocols.
*Stress Testing for Cyber Risks: Cyber Risk Insurance Modeling beyond Value-at-Risk: Risk, Uncertainty, & Profit.
*Toward Integrated Enterprise Risk Management, Model Risk Management & Cyber-Finance Risk Management.
*Bridging Networks, Systems and Controls Frameworks for Cybersecurity Curricula & Standards Development.
*Advancing Cognitive Analytics Using Quantum Computing for Next Generation Encryption.
*Invited Princeton Quant Trading Presentations: 'Rethinking Finance' for the Era of Global Networked Digital Finance.
Cybersecurity & Cyber-Finance Risk Management: Strategies, Tactics, Operations, &, Intelligence: ERM to MRM.
*A Risk Management Framework for Penetration Testing of Global Banking & Finance Networks VoIP Protocols.
*CyberFinance: Why Cybersecurity Risk Analytics Must Evolve to Survive 90% of Emerging Cyber Financial Threats.
*Beyond 'Bayesian vs. VaR' Dilemma: How to Manage Risk (After Risk Management Has Failed) for Hedge Funds.
*Measuring & Managing Financial Risks with Improved Alternatives Beyond Value-at-Risk (VaR).

*Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models for High-Dimensionality Complex Stochastic Problems in Network Security.
*Risk, Uncertainty, & Profit for the Cyber Era: 'Knight Reconsidered': Model Risk Management in Cyber Risk Insurance.
*Cyber-Finance Risk Management: Strategies, Tactics, Operations, &, Intelligence: ERM to Model Risk Management.
*Number Field Sieve Cryptanalytic Algorithms for Most Efficient Prime Factorization on Composites: Beyond RSA 1024.
*Future of Bitcoin & Statistical Probabilistic Quant Methods: Global Financial Regulation: Hong Kong Institute of CPAs.
*Bitcoin Protocol & Bitcoin Block Chain: Model of 'Cryptographic Proof' based Global Crypto-Currency Payment Systems.
*2015-2021 82 SSRN Top-10 Rankings: Computational Quant & Risk Analytics Algorithms Machine Learning Research.
*2008 AACSB International Impact of Research Report: Among Black-Scholes, Markowitz, Sharpe, Modigliani & Miller.

Top Wall Street Investment Banks Quantitative Finance Projects & FinTech Ventures

US Air Force HQ AI-Machine Learning Commercial Exchange: Pioneering AGI To Save the World
AFRL Commercialization Academy: Building the Future of AGI: Griffiss Cyberspace & Drone™.
MIT Computer Science & AI Lab AI-Machine Learning Executive Guide: AI, ML, DL, NLP, RPA.
Princeton: Future of Finance: 'Rethinking Finance' for Era of Global Networked Digital Finance.

2019 Journal of Financial Transformation: Alternative Capital Markets: AI-ML Augmentation & Cyber Risk Management.
2019 New York State Cyber Security Conference: AI-ML-GANs-DeepFakes: Preempting Cyber Risk of Deep Fakes.
2018 CFA Society Keynote: JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs Practices Case Studies: Model Risk Management with Auto-ML.
2018 AFCEA C4I Cyber Conference: Cybersecurity Risk & Uncertainty Management: AI-ML Risk Management Controls.
2018 MIT Sloan-Computer Sc. & AI Lab AI-Machine Learning Executive Guide including RPA & Cognitive Automation
2018 Princeton FinTech & Quant Conference: Invited Research Presentation: AI-Machine Learning-Deep Learning MRM.
2018 Journal of Operational Risk, March: Toward 'Cyber-Finance’ Cyber Risk Management Frameworks of Practice.
2017 National Association of Insurance Commissioners: Expert Paper: Cyber Risk Insurance Modeling
2016 Princeton Quant Trading Presentation: Beyond Model Risk Management to Model Risk Arbitrage for FinTech Era.
2015 Princeton Quant Trading Presentation: Future of Finance Beyond 'Flash Boys': Managing Uncertainty.
Quantitative Finance Risk Analytics Modeling Wall Street Investment Banks & VC Projects
Model Risk Management: Risk Management Analytics from 'Prediction' to 'Anticipation of Risk'
Quantitative Finance Risk Analytics, Econometric Analytics, Numerical Programming Models
Quantitative Finance Model Risk Management for Systemic-Tail Risks in Cyber Risk Insurance
JP Morgan Portfolio Optimization, VaR & Stress Testing: 17-Asset Class Portfolio
JP Morgan Portfolio Liquidity Risk Modeling Framework for $500-600Bn Portfolio
Bayesian VaR Beyond Value-At-Risk (VaR) Model Risks Exposed by Global Financial Crisis
Goldman Sachs Alumnus Asset Manager Large-Scale Data High Freq Econometric Models
Quantitative Finance, Risk Modeling, Econometric Modeling, Numerical Programming
Technologies of Computational Quantitative Finance & Risk Analytics and Risk Management
Algorithms & Computational Finance: C++, SAS, Java, Machine Learning, Signal Processing
Cybersecurity, Financial Protocols & Networks Protocols Analysis, and, Penetration Testing
Impact: Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Risk Analytics & Risk Management Projects
Digital Social Enterprise Ventures Creating Trillion $ Practices for Hundreds of Millions

Named among FinTech Finance & IT Nobel laureates for Real World Impact of Research
FinTech Innovations: Model Risk Arbitrage, Open Systems Finance, Cyber Finance, Cyber Insurance
AACSB International Reports Impact of Research among Black-Scholes, Markowitz, Sharpe
Research Impact Recognized among Finance & Information Technology Nobel laureates
82 SSRN Top-10 Rankings: AI-Machine Learning; Cybersecurity; Computer Science, Quant Trading
FinTech Innovations: Model Risk Arbitrage, Cyber Finance, Cyber Risk Insurance Modeling
Computational Quantitative Finance Modeling & Risk Management Research Publications
Model Risk Management of Cyber Risk Insurance Models & Quantitative Finance Analytics
Thesis on Ongoing Convergence of Financial Risk Management & Cyber Risk Management
U.S. Federal Reserve & Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Model Risk Guidance
Bayesian VaR Beyond Value-At-Risk (VaR) Model Risks Exposed by Global Financial Crisis
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models & Algorithms to Enable Bayesian Inference Modeling
OCC Notes Cybersecurity Risk & Cyber Attacks as Key Contributor to Banks' Financial Risk
Future of Bitcoin & Statistical Probabilistic Quantitative Methods: Global Financial Regulation
Models Validation Expert Panels: IT, Operations Research, Economics, Computer Science

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